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What we do 

Embark on a green journey with Gramin Energy Solution Pvt Ltd (GESPL), a pioneering force in revolutionizing Fuel Supply Chain Management (SCM) within India's vibrant Bio-Energy sector. At GESPL, we envisioned a future where the abundant Agro residual resources, generated during activities like farmland harvesting, Agro-processing, and forestry, could be transformed into a sustainable energy source.

Our commitment goes beyond just creating cleaner energy solutions. We're on a mission to end the outdated practice of burning residues in open fields, impacting air quality in surrounding areas. By embracing Bio-Energy, we reduce our reliance on polluting fossil fuels and actively contribute to combating illegal logging and crop residue burning.

We've innovatively transformed Agro wastes into Biomass briquettes and pellets to elevate our environmental impact. This not only aids in sustainable Agro and forest residue management but also helps achieve a neutral carbon dioxide emissions balance, all while keeping Sulphur emissions at a minimum.

Join us at Gramin Energy, where every step we take is a leap toward a greener and more sustainable future for our planet and communities.

Founder - Mr. Rohit Navandar

A meticulous professional with over two decades of hands-on experience in the domains of team management, administration, logistics and operation handling in the renewable energy sector, he has an extensive knowledge of the biomass industry. He is known for his ability to find efficient and expeditious ways to deal with challenges.
He possesses thorough knowledge about micromanaging the elaborate industrial process of converting biomass to Bio-Energy, and his updated knowledge with the latest advancements in Bio-Energy technology.
He has done immense research of the biomass industry and holds area expertise in Loose Biomass, Biomass Briquette, Biomass Pellet, bioenergy, Briquette Machines, Pellet Machines, dryers, air density separators, hammer mills, and conveying and conditioning systems of large Bio Energy Projects. His tremendous experience in the bio-mass management industry has made him an esteemed consultant in the bio-energy circles. His accurate assessment of situations and honed communication skills has fuelled the rapid growth of Gramin Energy.
He is holding a B Tech degree in Instrumentation technology from Pune University.

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