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Discover an array of eco-friendly solutions with Gramin Energy. Our company offers a multitude of green alternatives designed to meet your sustainable energy needs. Explore the diverse range of environmentally conscious options we provide, showcasing our commitment to a greener future. From solar power to innovative technologies, Gramin Energy is your partner in embracing clean and renewable solutions. Check out the wealth of possibilities we offer and take a step towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious tomorrow.

Biomass Supply Chain Management

Gramin Energy Solution Pvt Ltd (GESPL) is one of the pioneers in Fuel Supply Chain Management (SCM) in the Bio-Energy Space in India, successfully catering to the Biomass requirement of IPPs (Independent Power Plants), Cement Industry, Captive & Co-Generation power plants, food industry, Daires, Snacks manufacturing plants, Pharmaceutical Industries covering aggregation, storage, processing & transportation.

Manufacturing of Biomass Briquettes

Briquette & Pellet fuel are produced from raw biomass such as agro-waste and other organic matters. This is produced by compaction of biomass after removing moisture. This process increases the calorific value of the fuel. The briquettes & Pellets are made using extrusion process and then cut into required sizes. In India, large quantity of biomass is available in rural areas and there is huge potential as fuel is required for daily cooking, for industrial purpose and for hotels & restaurants.

Operations & Maintainance

The operation and maintenance of Green Fuel Fired Boilers (GFFBs) are performed by the experience and trained manpower by GESPL. The boilers are operated with synchronization of plant production. Boilers are maintained as per OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) guidelines. The offtake is generally in the form of utility steam and billed at the rate of the per Kg of steam utilized by the process.

GESPL performs services in professional manner to comply all the IBR (Indian Boiler Regulation) norms, HR norms, minimum wages, third party insurance, stock insurance etc to mitigate the risk of the client.

Energy Rental Model - BOOT

GESPL is moving to offer energy rental model (BOOT) Build, Own, Operate & Transfer) where GESPL will invest in process boiler & auxiliaries and supply Green Steam to Industry on long terms energy rental model. In this model, clients may buyback the assets (at depreciated value) or extend the contract after 10 years of operation. The 1o years contact allow both the parties to exit after initial lock in period. The contract can be customized as per clients need.

Biomass Assessment Studies

We offer to provide consulting services to companies / MNCs for conducting Biomass Assessment Study and Supply Chain Management (SCM) Plan to suggest pinpoint potential locations to set up Biomass-Based projects.

The study is required to establish the availability of Biomass from aggregation, processing, transportation, etc.

Technical Consultation

We are rendering our services for promoting/ setting up agriculture-based renewable energy projects like Biomass Pellet Plant, Biomass Briquette Plants, Bio-Gas, Bio-CNG, Bio-Fuel, Bio-Char, Bio-Disposal Plates, Bio-Ethanol, Bio-Hydrogen, Energy Plantation based Bio-Projects, etc.

We will render our services from plantation to production of final products on a turnkey basis. We can design, engineer, prepare DPR & all technical reports, liaison with different departments, and for approving loans & subsidies.

Energy Plantation for long team Utility Steam Supply Contracts

Energy plantation is the key factor to assure long terms Bio-Energy contracts to clients. Energy plantation is important for the economic growth of any nation and India. In spite of increasing availability of energy, there is always need for more source of energy to explore. This is the reason which has prompted the world countries to develop alternative sources of energy through energy plantation. Technically, energy plantation means growing selected species of trees and shrubs which are harvestable in a comparably shorter time and are specifically meant for fuel. These plantations help provide wood either for domestic or industrial purposes. Read More

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